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Feedback and Communication

Definition of this KPI:
Measure the quality and effectiveness of communication and feedback exchange among team members or between teams.

  • This KPI can be calculated as: Number of official feedback moments between teams or team-members
  • The KPI will be measured as: number (amount of units, rating, etc)
  • How to interpret the KPI: higher is better
  • The strategic objective to measure with this KPI: The strategic objective of feedback and communication for innovation is to create an environment that nurtures and supports innovative thinking, collaboration, and experimentation. By establishing efficient feedback mechanisms and fostering open communication channels, organizations can encourage employees to share creative ideas, provide constructive feedback, and collaborate across departments to drive innovation. Timely and meaningful feedback on innovative concepts helps refine and enhance ideas, leading to the development of novel solutions, products, or services. Furthermore, effective communication fosters a culture where employees feel empowered to contribute their ideas, resulting in increased engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, a competitive edge through continuous innovation.
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