How to add a KPI?

This community relies heavily on the willingness of visitors to contribute their most valuable KPIs. By adding your KPIs and providing feedback on the KPIs shared by other users, we can keep the community thriving and enhance the way we measure performance. Your valuable input helps us to improve and maintain the quality of KPI Portal.

We made the form to add KPIs simple and easy. If you have any questions or experience any problems, please read the following information or contact us.

Data fields:

  • KPI title: a concise, fitting, and appealing name for the KPI. For instance “Revenue
  • Definition of the KPI: clarify the meaning of the KPI and provide an explanation, such as “income that a company receives from its normal business activities
  • Calculation: The formula which calculates the result of the Key Performance Indicator. Example: sales * selling price
  • Measured as: A standard unit used to express size, amount, or degree of calculation outcomes. Example: currency ($/€);
  • Interpretation: How should the result of the calculation be interpreted? Example: higher is better.
  • Strategic objective: the goal of which the realization can be measured with the KPI. Example: Increase profitability;
  • Categories: the category-types the KPI is most suitable with. Example BSC: Financial dimension, Process: Sales or Finance & Control and Industry: All private sectors.

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